Show Me Economy

How many of you have seen the 90 ‘s movie Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding?

I think we all know the famous line that Cuba Gooding spits out on a call with Tom Cruise.

“Show me the money”

In today’s market credentials, experience, networks and skills allows you to be considered for the job, or the business (sales). 

If you want to close the business or get hired, you have to show how you would execute and deliver on expectations.  

Every Saturday morning at my local gym I have observed this tall guy training teens in basketball.  I eventually struck up a conversation with the guy who shared with me that he was a high school basketball coach. I learned from another member that he played College basketball at, Duke and was a first-round pick in the NBA. He played in the league for a few years. Obviously, these are impressive credentials.

This basketball coach's dedication to training teens for hours was what impressed me most.  He had a kid in the 8th grade who just started playing basketball in the sixth grade, and this kid was consistently making shots from anywhere in the gym.  Coach shared that he focused on the teens strengths and to offset his weaknesses. This was a tall 8th grader who was not the fastest most athletic kid and he recognized that and made adjustments. 

The one thing I think the coach could do different is leverage video and social-media to highlight the great work he is doing. Your reach is the one of the most valuable assets today. Tools like video, social media empower you to increase your reach. It's hard to earn opportunities when knows who you are or your accomplishments. This is how the “show me” economy works. 

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