Expertise Versus Experience

If you are reading this post on LinkedIn, you know that the internet will play a key role in acquiring your next job.  It’s 2019 no one is going to find you in a phone book.

Just the facts please:


Ø  The majority of your research on a potential company will be done online.

Ø  Any company that is considering hiring you will research you online.

Ø  Most recruiters will find you online.

Ø  Strong online presence the more likely you will be found and considered for jobs.


There is no denying the importance of the internet, the real value lies in how one takes advantages of the many Free tools available to all of us.  By tools I am referring to social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. The barriers to entry are low therefore it is important to standout and highlight your expertise.


I was recently was searching for a new barber and found a shop near my home. I was faced with the dilemma of trying to determine who was the best barber and narrowed it down to two. Barber number one a seasoned veteran 25 plus years in the game and a series of positive google reviews.  Had availability to get me in without making an appointment and was available at times that suited my schedule.  This barber seemed like the one.


Barber number two was younger and had less experience. Instead of toting his google reviews he pulls out his cell phone and shows me pictures on Instagram of all the clients he has cut. You could see all the different styles of haircuts he has done, and although he had less experience the quality of his work was impressive. He informed me that in order to get a haircut, I would have to make an appointment because he was constantly booked.


I decided that barber number two was the best choice for a few reasons. When someone is constantly booked it means they have a lot people happy with their work. Scarcity creates a sense of urgency because you feel I had better jump in this train before it leaves. In 2019 it's not enough to rely on what someone is saying. As it pertains to a haircut a picture is far more compelling than words and reviews. The person who understands the customer and can prove their expertise will always beat experience in the “show me economy”.



Leading with I have done something for many years does not make you an expert, nor does it reveal that you are good at it.  We have all heard the saying “We have always done it this way”.

I know a few companies who had been around a long time and lived by those words and things did not turn out so well for them.  Remember Blockbuster and Toys R US, they felt that having an online presence was not important to the success of their businesses.  We are fortunate to live in a time were we all have the same tools and how we use them to build are brand and reach will determine how successful we become. 

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