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The job market today will be very different in 2030 and the people who can adapt to that change will benefit. We all know that technology can eliminate jobs, but it also can create new jobs. There are some jobs that are harder to replace by technology and one of those jobs is a auto technician.

The auto repair industry has changed with the technology that is going into today’s vehicles. The job is not what you think, an auto technician has to understand coding and have analytical skills. 

If you look at A Mercedes Benz it’s practically a driving computer, do you know how much technology goes into a luxury vehicle in fact, they have partnered with Gwinnett Tech to ensure that students going through that program are properly trained.


  • Employers treat you better when there is a scarcity of qualified workers. 
  • Employers pay a premium for employees when there is a shortage of workers.
  • You have the ability to work anywhere. Every city has a car repair shop.
  • You can make additional income repairing people’s cars on your own time.
  • Job security:  almost everyone has a car, and those cars need maintenance and repairs. 

What’s amazing about this profession is that anyone can go into it, and you don’t have to go to school for 4 years. In fact, you could start right now getting qualified. The ability to get qualified online removes the barriers to get your training. Make sure you are comfortable learning online versus in a classroom.   

10 Best Online Automotive Certification programs

Three questions everyone wants to know before going into a new career are the following:

How much will the education and training cost?

How long will it take?

How much will I make?

The average cost of an online program can range from $750 to $1000 and takes six months to 2 years.  The national average salary of an automotive technician is $47,289 according to zip recruiter. The traditional onsite programs and certificate programs will range from $5K to $20K. The cost is less than a traditional 4-year college and you’re finished in half the time. 

Young people who are starting a new career in the skill trades can see their income almost double. Take a 20-year-old working a retail job making $8.00 to $10.00 an hour. They can easily double their income in 2 years with an investment of $5K to $20K.  There will never be a time where making a life change has low risk, and high return.  

Skill Stadium is an online job platform for the skill trades that uses video to match jobseekers and employers. We provide a roadmap into the skill trades with day in the life videos, data, relevant content and links to valuable resources.  Check out this day in the life video of auto technician Susan Sweeney        of Girls Auto Clininc in Upper Darby Pennsylvania.  

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